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Comprehensive Solutions: Business Savvy. IT Smart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some answers to our most common questions. If you have other questions please call or email us and we will promptly provide the information that you request.

› Question: Do you work outside the Milwaukee area?

» Answer: Yes. We have clients located throughout the United States and Canada. We also provide remote support for the Asia Pacific region for a large global company.

› Question: Why should we risk working with a small company when there are larger companies available that provide the same services?

» Answer: Our consultants are highly specialized, follow industry standard best practices and guidelines, and utilize our proven internal processes and tools. We leverage that knowledge, experience and toolset to achieve your specific goals - and not just provide boilerplate forms. This focus often results in better overall value for our customers. Often companies will come to us after having a less than positive experience with larger vendors.

› Question: Your website lists the Ingres and Oracle relational database products. We use SQL Server / DB2 / Informix. Can you still help us?

» Answer: While it is possible we prefer to focus our efforts where we have the most expertise. That ensures that we provide the most value and develop a satisfied clientèle.

› Question: Can I afford Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning?

» Answer: The question should really be "Can you afford not to have a DR plan in place?" What is the specific impact of loss of service, data, or other assets to your business? While the risk may be remote, the cost of disaster recovery planning would almost certainly be less than the cost of complete recovery without a proven DR plan.

› Question: Are Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) Planning the same thing?

» Answer: No, they are related but not identical. The DR plan ensures that the information technology infrastructure (e.g., servers, networking, access and security), data, and application systems are restored (often remotely) in order to allow business to continue. The BC plan is dependent on the DR plan, but goes much further. It addresses issues such as emergency response coordination and communication, the resumption of business processes, document management, business infrastructure (e.g., offices, phone lines, desktop computers, fax machines). While both efforts are very important, we view the DR planning effort as the foundation for a successful, comprehensive business recovery plan.

› Question: Why would we consider using Comprehensive Solutions for project managment within our company?

» Answer: Using an outside project manager is often a difficult step to take for a company. That step becomes even more difficult when working on a project with other vendors. What is important to remember is that it is the results that matter, and not necessarily who does the work. We follow proven techniques as defined in the Project Management Institute's PMBOK (project management book of knowledge). We have proven experience and expertise managing projects - not just with creating project plans. We know what needs to be done to be successful (e.g., a clearly defined scope, frequent and effective communication, timely follow-up, proactive identification of risk and issues).

› Question: Is all work performed remotely?

» Answer: No. We look for a balance of effectiveness versus cost / budget and plan accordingly. An onsite presence is required for some efforts (e.g., the start of a Disaster Recovery project), desirable for others (e.g., project management), and optional for others (e.g., software development, performance tuning, testing). We travel when and where needed.

› Question: Can we use your support in lieu of vendor support?

» Answer: That is not recommended. For products that are in production but unsupported from their vendor (e.g., Ingres 6.4) we will provide "best effort" support, but our hands are tied for problems that would require a vendor fix. Our support services are intended to augment staff skills, bringing the necessary resources to bear to address tasks or issues.

› Question: What Operating Systems do you support?

» Answer: Unix (Solaris, DGUX, HPUX, AIX), Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

› Question: What guarantees do we have that you will do a good job?

» Answer: In the Professional Services business all that you really have is your reputation. It is difficult to establish and easy to lose. Over the years we have worked very hard to create and maintain our reputation - both as a company and individuals. Our Statement of Work for a project will have a clear scope statement, clear deliverables, clear pricing, and a satisfaction guarantee section that lists a specific remedy. While we have never had to execute that guarantee, we feel that it is helpful when dealing with new customers who may be unfamiliar with our company.

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