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Comprehensive Solutions | Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning Templates | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Disaster Recovery Downloads

We offer proven templates, procedures, and examples for the creation of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.  Also included are relevant Project Management tools, templates, and procedures to manage an important project such as a BC/DR effort.   These have developed for use at large systems at large companies for mission-critical systems, but apply to small and midsize organizations as well.

This package of invaluable tools and templates can be purchased for only $695 (US). 

For less than the price of one consulting day you can have the proven tools and techniques used by our expert consultants.  It is an inexpensive foundation for a successful Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Planning Effort.

The templates include:

  1. Project Management Procedures and Templates (Microsoft Word and Excel) to address communication planning, risk management, and status reporting.
  2. Procedure to begin developing your Disaster Recovery plan based on needs, risk, and budget.
  3. Critical Success Factors Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel):  This is our "secret sauce" for consulting engagements because it quickly pinpoints the areas that will make the most impact in a DR planning / execution effort.
  4. Single Points of Failure Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) and associated templates (Microsoft Word):  It helps identify areas of concern and quantify the impact and cost to mitigate.  This helps prioritize DR planning efforts.
  5. Sample Disaster Recovery Test project plan (Microsoft Project).  This is a great template for your next test.
  6. Disaster Recovery Plan Template (Microsoft Word): This is a very detailed Ingres recovery procedure that can be easily modified for any type of recovery.
  7. Business Impact Analysis (BIA) approach (procedure), questionnaire, template, and sample report (all Microsoft Word format).
  8. Sample Business Continuity Plan detailed approach (Microsoft Word).

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this valuable tool kit.  

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