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Comprehensive Solutions | Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Executive Overview | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Executive Overview:  BC / DR Planning

Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning efforts are a big unknown for many organizations.  They know that they need something, but are worried about committing to an expensive effort that may not have much of an actual payoff. 

Our two-phase approach is a great way to gather the information that will be the foundation of a BC or DR plan, while limiting your financial commitment and risk of working with a new vendor.  A typical Phase I effort costs between US $20,000 - $35,000.  The deliverables are:

  1. Business Impact Analysis Report (very detailed)
  2. Single Points of Failure Analysis
  3. Risk Analysis (including scoring based on probability and impact)
  4. High-level estimates and project plan for Phase II

The deliverables will provide your management team with the information required to make informed decisions regarding planning and budgeting for the remainder of the project.  It will also provide sufficient information to create a RFP for competitive bids on the Phase II effort if desired (we don't mind competition).

By assessing the identified risk relative to their impact to your business, and the cost of mitigating those risks, you will quickly be able to focus on areas having the most exposure to risk, the easiest to complete (the "low hanging fruit"), or those with the best cost benefit ratio. 

This approach helps organizations increase their return on investment by focusing on what is really needed to protect the business.  It may also identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency or profit margins through simplification, consolidation, or elimination of redundancy.

Please contact us to discuss a lean and effective approach to Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning.

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