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Comprehensive Consulting Solutions, Inc. | Chip Nickolett - President & CEO  | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Chip Nickolett - President & CEO, Founder

Chip has demonstrated expertise with business development, planning, and management.  He has successfully started and managed two technical and management consulting companies, one of them in the United Kingdom.  With over 23 years experience with IT, management, outsourcing, and international business, he can provide leadership and guidance to achieve your goals.

Chip is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  He earned an MBA degree with concentrations in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Management from DeVry University.  Chip also earned an Associate Degree in Data Processing from Waukesha County Technical College (Wisconsin), and is now a member of the Project Management Advisory Council at that institution.

Chip is a member of the Board of Directors of Wisconsin Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, is a former Board Member of the Children's Hospital and Health System Foundation (Wisconsin), is a member of the President's Council for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.  Chip served on the Arthritis Foundation's "Medical and Scientific Advisory Council" from 2005 - 2007.  He is currently a founding member of Arthritis Foundation's 2007 Public Policy Advisory Council.  Philanthropy and advocacy are important to Chip, his family, and his company.

Before working with small businesses, Chip was a Regional Project Manager for Computer Associates and ran the Commercial Ingres Consulting organization for North America. He was a Senior Consultant for the Ingres Products Division of the ASK Group and worked on such emerging technologies as Distributed Databases, Replication, and Data Warehousing.  Chip is a Past President of the North American Ingres Users Association (NAIUA).

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