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Comprehensive Solutions | Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning Challenges | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

BC/DR  Planning Effort Challenges

These are common concerns faced by companies interested in implementing a Disaster Recovery (DR) or Business Continuity (BC) plan.

There are four major challenges with DR/BC planning efforts.

1. Raising awareness of the need to a point where appropriate levels of resources are allocated to create the plan.

2. Blending methodology, technology, and procedure in a way that will result in a plan that actually works as designed when needed.

3. Finding a person or team dedicated to the effort that has proven success with end-to-end planning and implementation of a DR/BC plan.

4. Using an ongoing validation and improvement loop on a routine basis to manage changes to the environment.

Addressing these items is key to the successful development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of a comprehensive and reliable DR/BC Plan.

There is a level of parity that is found among vendors who are successful in this arena.   What truly differentiates vendors is their attention to your specific needs, and their commitment to your success.

Comprehensive Solutions' years of experience in the design, deployment, management, and recovery of Mission Critical and 24x7 systems provide the foundation for our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity efforts.   Our consultants understand the impact of downtime, lost data, and the inability to conduct essential business operations.  We understand this and work with your management team so that they understand it as well.

Please contact us to see how we can help your company with their Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning efforts.

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