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Ingres Consulting Services | Ingres Remote DBA Support | Ingres Database Migration Services | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ingres & OpenROAD Consulting Services

“Comprehensive Solutions configured and managed my mission-critical Ingres environment for several years. When we needed a fault-tolerant cluster solution, they designed and help implement it. They were always there when we needed them and never let us down. They were our Premium Support.”

John S. / CIO

Comprehensive Solutions is your source for Ingres talent!   Whether your operating system is Linux, Unix, Windows or OpenVMS - we've got you covered.   Still using Quel - we can help.  Our expertise is as wide as it is deep! 

We provide Ingres upgrade and database migration services that allow your company to take advantage of low-cost open source subscription services and commodity hardware.  For example, migrations from VAX or Unix operating systems using Ingres 2.6 or earlier to Linux and Ingres 2006 / 9.x will often pay for themselves within 18 months!  Additionally, performance and reliability gains are often achieved due to the use of newer hardware.  It is a win-win proposition for everyone.

We have directly contributed to the improvement of products like Replicator, and our benchmarking efforts have led to performance improvements within the DBMS server.   We know how Ingres works - inside and out, and know how to make it work for you!

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Comprehensive Solutions - The Ingres Experts

Over the years we have implemented cutting-edge systems including: mission-critical system supporting over 1,500 concurrent global users with sub-second access; high-availability systems; near-realtime systems; replicated systems; very large database (VLDB) systems, and more.

While it was active, we were members of the Product Advisory Council for Ingres at Computer Associates. This is a special honor that has been bestowed on only a few companies and user sites world-wide. It is just one of many ways that we have actively participated in the Ingres open source community.

Whether you need help with a specific project or problem, assistance re-hosting or upgrading an Ingres installation, or Ingres migration services and support, we are there for you.  Whether simple or complex, short-term or long-term, we have the expertise and capabilities to assure success

Our expertise is unparalleled, our reputations are widely known, and our ability to help you is unquestionable.  Please contact us to see how we can help you.

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