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Comprehensive Solutions | Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) Service

The goal of independent verification and validation (IV&V) is to ensure the intended outcome and work product of a project meets the formal specifications, and that progress is being made according to plan.  It can be thought of as "Project Due Diligence" since it is an investigation of performance and risk based on standards and best practices.  This is also sometimes referred to as "Independent Project Oversight," although that is typically more of an ongoing effort than independent verification and validation.

We are often asked, "What is the difference between verification and validation?"  Verification is the process of ensuring the accuracy of a project based on written specifications and requirements.  Validation is our certification at the end of the audit or review that states our findings.  Being independent provides distance from the project that allows for increased objectivity.

Our IV&V offering is typically a four-day engagement, with three of the four days being performed onsite.   A high-level outline of the process includes:

  1. An in-depth review of the foundational project documents (charter, scope statement, business case justification, selection criteria)
  2. A review of project status documents, meeting minutes, etc.
  3. A review of the various planning documents (project plan, communication plan, risk management information, regulatory compliance plans, test plans and acceptance criteria, etc.)
  4. Interviews with the project sponsor, stakeholders, and various team members

Throughout the process we will refine our understanding, validate our findings, and focus on identifying specific improvements that will make a tangible difference to the project.  We will also provide project management tools, templates, and sample plans as appropriate as part of an IV&V engagement. 

You might ask yourself, "Since they have defined the process, why don't we just do this ourselves?"  We liken this to the analogy of painting.  While anyone can paint a picture, it takes an artist to create a true work of art.  We are artists when it comes to project management!

Please contact us to learn more about this cost saving and confidence building investment in your IT project.

Review our IV&V white paper our related white papers.

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