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Comprehensive Ingres Remote Support and Database Administration (DBA) Solutions | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ingres Remote Support and Administration

"Our manufacturing organization has partnered with Comprehensive Solutions
since 1999 and relied upon them as the most knowledgeable Ingres resource anywhere.  Their team has worked on a number of engagements that optimized the performance and use of the Ingres database for our ERP environments. Comprehensive Solutions provides immediate response, and is able to address a variety of topics and questions.  We would highly recommend them to any organization looking for Ingres database expertise or remote support."

Matt B. / Manager IT

Problems are expensive and disruptive to a business.  Are you looking for a higher level of support?  Or, possibly a team that is available when needed to provide a DBA or other staff augmentation?  Whatever your support needs - we can help.

We provide responsive expert remote support and administration services based on the specific needs of your environment.  It doesn't matter if the site is located in Chicago, London, Tokyo or Taipei.  We can and have provided remote and onsite Ingres support to companies and sites around the globe. 

We use our proprietary Ingres monitoring and management tools to provide proactive system monitoring that allows us to respond quickly to potential problems - often before they become problems.  They also provide a level of control for a production environment that is essential for some environments (such as those under SOX, HIPAA, or FDA control).

Please contact us for more information on this service offering.  We will work with you to create a package  that meets your business needs.

View our "Ingres Support" brochure

View a Presentation about a Global Ingres Site we implemented and supported.

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